Dillinger Consulting Services

Dillinger Consulting, LLC offers innovative and comprehensive branding and marketing consultant services. We work with businesses to help create and refine their brand identity, digital presence, and to develop cutting edge media and distribution strategies and management.

Brand Strategy

Our branding strategies are developed by working closely with our client to determine their best forward facing image for their company to enter the market with strength, and then gain momentum towards success. We strive to create the perfect recipe for unique brands that are engaging with their target audience, set apart from the competition, and timeless in design. Brands are more than a name and a logo – they are an identity that resonates with their unique consumers, so understanding the audience is key, and creating a foundation that will reach them, and grow with them, is paramount to our process. 

Website Development & Management

We offer full analysis of your current website to determine where your online presence could improve. Your website is an essential part of your brand’s identity, and one of the first and strongest impressions you’ll leave with customers. Our media-rich, mobile responsive websites are developed on a proprietary dashboard and managed in-house, giving our clients immediate response-time for requests and updates, on-demand analytics, and built-in SEO.


A key benefit of having a marketing consultant is guidance and input from someone dedicated to staying on top of fast-changing digital trends. SEO is a great example. Search Engine Optimization means so much more than dropping as many keywords as possible onto a web page. It is a sophisticated and oft-evolving process. SEO trends change constantly, so we help keep our clients current and ahead of the curve, keeping them visible to all relevant searches.

Search Campaign Management (Google AdWords, Bing)

One of the best ways to boost your SEO is with a search ad campaign. We create and manage Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns for our clients from start to finish. We write and develop ads and relevant keywords, manage bids, and create audience and geo-targeting perimeters to maximize each investment. We monitor each campaign and provide campaign analysis to allow for adjustment and improvement in conversions.

Social Media Management

Social media has fast become a branding and marketing juggernaut, and no longer just a place to share pictures and status updates with friends; In fact, social media is one of the most powerful tools for creating a strong, quality brand that resonates with your audience. Social media allows people to connect with brands that become part of their identity, and, in a sense, they can become brand ambassadors purely out of loyalty to a service, name or product. A consistent, quality, and invested social media marketing plan is key to any brand’s success in today’s digital age.

Our social media services span from management of social media accounts to include consistent, cohesive posting strategies to utilize this fantastic marketing tool. We implement and manage paid social media campaigns to drive traffic, increase awareness and capture quality conversions on the most-used digital platforms today.

LLC Creation / Trademarking

When desired, we facilitate the process of creating an LLC for startups. As part of our branding services, we see a company through from vision to fruition, providing all naming R&D, name and trademark availability research, and filing facilitation.

Logo Design

A logo is more than a symbol on your business card or product. It is the lasting, iconic image of a brand that should resonate with its audience, scale with growth and stand apart from the competition. A strong brand is one that consumers are proud to display because it demonstrates qualities that they relate to and value, and this is demonstrated through your logo.

Graphic Design (Print, Digital Ads, Collateral, Billboards)

We produce all manner of graphic design needs for digital and print ads, billboards, marketing collateral, etc., providing stunning graphic designs that make our clients stand out.

Newsletter Drafting & Management

Email marketing has long been a cornerstone of successful business. But in the last few years, it may have fallen to the wayside as a centerpiece of a marketing strategy in favor of social media or digital advertising. But don’t be too hasty to dismiss this proven, consumer-converting tool. Opt-ins and lead generation are great ways to build an email list, and a strong newsletter and email promotion program provide a way to keep your audience informed, integrate other marketing tools (social media, for instance) and increase brand affinity. You’re more likely to eat at a certain restaurant if they email you a coupon or drop you a note about a fantastic happy hour – that is true for any product, service or industry, especially when you’re already talking to the right audience.

Special Events Coordination

We offer special event coordination, including corporate team building events, networking, and non-profit silent auctions.

Executive Presentations

Presentations, pitches, proposals, course and training materials, etc.; We offer proofing, polishing and designing a high quality, impressive presentation for our clients, allowing them to put their (and their brand’s) best face forward in their biggest meetings.

Letterhead & Business Cards

It’s not enough to have a business card and contact information. Your cards and letterhead give and leave an impression of the quality of your brand with those who receive them. We help ensure that our client’s first impression is their best impression by producing cards and letterhead they are proud to distribute.

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